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Docsie: Your AI Knowledge Base Partner

Build, share and manage enterprise knowledge bases, product docs, help centers, chat-bots, user manuals, SOPs and more!

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What is Docsie

Docsie is an award-winning digital documentation and knowledge management platform.

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# Why Choose Our Platform

Everything you need, in one place

Let your docs make power impact

You've worked lot to create a superb product that world needs but its documentation is turning into nightmare of complexity? No worries, Docsie is here to help.

Turn your docs into chatbots
Dynamic Content Embeds
Markdown and WYSIWYG Editor
Feedback and Web Analytics
Walkthroughs and Guided Tours

Double your productivity.
Double your focus.

Technical Writers
Reduce complexity

Create technical docs, user manuals, tutorials, release notes etc with ease.

Product Manager
Save time

Create product docs, in-app help centers, chat bots etc with ease.

Increase quality

Create API documentations, system documentations, specification documents etc with ease.

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Keep track of the different versions people are working with.


Enables creation of simple one-to-one workflows with just a few clicks.


Display the data in a layout that catches your visitors' attention and views per page

Generative AI

Improve your capabilities for content creation and knowledge management.

Dynamic Knowledge Portals
Docsie Chatbot in Action
Manage multiple projects
Configure localization options
Other features at your service

API Documentation

AI Ghost Translation

Vocabulary manager

Dynamic Content Embeds

Content Localization

Editorial style guide

Enterprise exporter

Granular Permission

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