Archbee Pricing vs Slab Pricing vs Docsie Pricing: A Comprehensive Comparison

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Tanya A Mishra
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Documentation plays an important role in the success of any organisation. It enables teams to collaborate, share knowledge and streamline business processes. With so many documentation platforms available, choosing the right one for your specific needs is important.

In this blog post, we'll compare three popular platforms: Archbee, Slab, and Docsie, focusing on their key features, ease of use, and pricing structure. Eventually, you'll clearly understand which platform best suits your documentation needs.

Understanding the pricing structure of these platforms can help individuals, groups, and businesses make informed decisions based on specific needs and budget constraints. While there is no doubt about the products, services and integration offered by a subscription centre, pricing is often the deciding factor for many potential users.

In this comparison, we will dive into the pricing models of those three, examining their various pricing positions, policies, and additional costs. By providing a detailed analysis of each platform's pricing structure, we have established our aim is to give readers a clear understanding of the investment required and the value they can achieve in return.

So, let us dive into pricing models from Archbee, Slab, Docsie, and most for your needs. Let us empower you to choose the right subscription method.

Archbee Pricing

Archbee offers four pricing plans that vary according to different user types' needs. These include the Free, Starter, Growth, and Enterprise Plans. Each pricing plan includes various features and limitations, such as:

The free plan offered by Archbee is an excellent choice for users with basic software documentation requirements. It's free of cost and is suitable for individuals, freelancers or small teams.

The Starter plan is designed for small to medium-sized teams with standard documentation requirements. It offers collaboration and customisation options to manage and distribute documentation easily.

The Growth Plan is the most popular and tailored for users requiring advanced features and full branding options. It's suitable for larger teams and organisations with specific integration requirements and advanced knowledge management needs.

The Enterprise Plan is designed for large deployments and provides advanced security and API integrations.

Slab Pricing

Slab is a modern, easy-to-use knowledge management platform that helps teams manage and share their knowledge efficiently. It offers 4 four pricing structures that vary according to different users' needs. Each pricing plan incorporates various features and limitations, e.g.

The free system allows small groups or individuals to get started with basic knowledge management features for free.

The group system is designed for unlimited users and offers advanced features and capabilities. Suitable for growing teams requiring additional functionality and collaboration strategies.

The workflow is designed for organisations with advanced requirements. Provides enhanced products and services to meet the needs of larger groups.

Project management is suitable for larger organisations with complex expectations and detailed requirements. It provides highly customisable features and dedicated support to meet the unique requirements of enterprise-level customers.

Docsie Pricing

The Free Plan is perfect for hobby projects or simple documentation needs.

The Standard Plan, also known as the "Startup Plus" plan, is designed for startups who need to add more content to their documentation.

The Premium Plan, also known as the "Small Team" plan, is suitable for companies that are serious about their documentation.

The Enterprise Plan, also known as the "Business" plan, is designed for teams with a large number of documents and the need for efficient management.

Organization Plan

For pricing and details of the Organization Plan, it is recommended to contact the z. This plan offers advanced features, such as hosting the knowledge base on-premise or in a private cloud environment, SAML/SSO, dedicated support, automatically generating documentation at scale, and requesting customisation to the Docsie instance.

Features Free Plan Standard Plan Premium Plan Enterprise Plan
Public & Private Knowledge Base 1 ✔️¸ 1 Unlimited
Custom Domain with SSL 1 ✔️¸ 3 ✔️¸
Unlimited Articles and Versions ✔️¸ ✔️¸ ✔️¸ ✔️¸
Books of content 5 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Unlimited Languages ✔️¸ ✔️¸ ✔️¸ ✔️¸
Use existing templates ✔️¸ ✔️¸ ✔️¸ ✔️¸
Upload images, gifs ✔️¸ ✔️¸ ✔️¸ ✔️¸
Manage Documentation Projects ✔️¸ ✔️¸ ✔️¸ ✔️¸
Publish Knowledge Base to Docsie Portal ✔️¸ ✔️¸ ✔️¸ ✔️¸
Embed Knowledge Base into your website ✔️¸ ✔️¸ ✔️¸ ✔️¸
Import from Word ✔️¸ ✔️¸ ✔️¸ ✔️¸
Import from HTML ✔️¸ ✔️¸ ✔️¸ ✔️¸
Max file upload size 15 MB 30 MB 50 MB 250 MB
Upload limit 1 GB 30 GB 50 GB 100 GB
File manager ✔️¸ ✔️¸ ✔️¸
Upload Videos ✔️¸ ✔️¸ ✔️¸
Password Protect Docs ✔️¸ ✔️¸ ✔️¸
Use Google Analytics ✔️¸ ✔️¸ ✔️¸
Publish up to 3 knowledge bases ✔️¸ ✔️¸
Custom domains ✔️¸ ✔️¸
In-App Help Widgets ✔️¸ ✔️¸
Product Tours ✔️¸ ✔️¸
Unlimited content ✔️¸ ✔️¸
Automated Translations ✔️¸ ✔️¸
Knowledgebase Customization and Branding ✔️¸ ✔️¸
Advanced JWT Token Authentication ✔️¸ ✔️¸
Support with migration ✔️¸ ✔️¸
Use Custom Javascript ✔️¸ ✔️¸
Access to Docsie API ✔️¸ ✔️¸
Unlimited knowledge bases ✔️¸
Unlimited custom domains ✔️¸
Unlimited manuals, tours, and docs ✔️¸
Customise Documentation Export ✔️¸
AI-powered "Ghost Translations" ✔️¸
Support with knowledge base customisation ✔️¸
Host on-premise or private cloud ✔️¸
Dedicated support ✔️¸
Automatically Generate Documentation at Scale ✔️¸
Request customisation to Docsie instance ✔️¸
Docsie is the ideal online knowledge base for hosting user guides. It's fully web-based, with a built-in editor and seamless publishing to the web. Invite your team, collaborate on documents, and embed dynamic content using Markdown. You can also collect feedback from users automatically and view screen recordings of their sessions to improve your documentation continuously.

Get started for free (we can't wait to see your user guides!)

That's not it:

Docsie Markdown Editor distinguishes itself from other editors with its unique features:

  1. A rich text editor with Draught.js: Docsie combines an intuitive block-style editor with the power of Draught.js to provide a user-friendly Markdown editing experience.

  2. What you see is what you get: The editor ensures that the formatting you see during editing is exactly what you would see in the final exported markdown document.

  3. Software integration: Docsie offers easy integration with a variety of software platforms, allowing you to use built-in Google forms to enhance your markdown documents, collect information, and sharpen your documents.

  4. More options: Have the freedom to publish your Markdown documents in a variety of formats, including embedding them on your website with simple code snippets.

  5. Simplicity and humour: The Docsie online Markdown editor is designed to be user-friendly, making the process of creating and editing Markdown documents a pleasant experience.

With Docsie Markdown Editor, you can enjoy the benefits of a versatile and intuitive tool for creating and managing your Markdown documents. Docsie is an end-to-end documentation management platform businesses use to create web-based FAQs, product docs, user guides, help docs and user manuals. The platform features customer-centric collaboration, extensive embedding, tailored translations, and powerful publishing at your fingertips.

Start onboarding today, and deliver delightful digital documentation with Docsie!

Comparison and Analysis

Feature Slab Archbee Docsie
Free Plan Up to 10 users Up to 3 members 1 Public & Private Knowledge Base
Basic functionality Up to 3 spaces 1 Custom Domain with SSL
Custom domain Unlimited Articles and Versions
Basic branding 5 Books of content
Team Plan Unlimited users 5 members included Unlimited Languages
Enhanced features Unlimited readers Use existing templates
Unlimited Spaces & docs Upload images, gifs
Enhanced branding Manage Documentation Projects
Business Plan More advanced requirements Unlimited Spaces & docs Publish Knowledge Base to Portal
Additional features and functionality Unlimited readers Embed Knowledge Base into the website
Enterprise Plan Tailored for large-scale organizations 5 members included Import from Word
Highly customisable features Unlimited readers Import from HTML
Dedicated support Unlimited Spaces & docs Max file upload size: 250MB
Everything in the Scaling plan Upload limit: 100GB
SAML integration File manager
Public API Access Upload Videos
Print to PDF Password Protect Docs
Use Google Analytics
Publish up to 3 knowledge bases
Custom domains
In-App Help Widgets
Product Tours
Unlimited content
Automated Translations
Knowledgebase Customization
Advanced JWT Token Authentication
Support with migration
Use Custom Javascript
Access to Docsie API
Unlimited knowledge bases
Unlimited custom domains
Unlimited manuals, tours, and docs
Customise Documentation Export
AI-powered "Ghost Translations"
Support with knowledge base customization
Host on-premise or private cloud
Dedicated support
Automatically Generate Documentation at Scale
Request customisation to Docsie instance
Now let's explore the strengths and weaknesses of each platform's pricing structure:



  • It offers a free program with basic functionality, making it accessible to small groups and beginners.

  • It offers pricing policies for groups of varying sizes and needs, from small groups to large enterprises.

  • Provides advanced features and functions for the business.

  • Dedicated support is available for Enterprise customers.

  • Allow on-premise or private cloud hosting for added security and control.


  • The limitations of an open system, such as large numbers of users, can restrict scalability for growing teams.

  • Some advanced features are only available in more expensive programs and may give way to smaller, budget-constrained organisations.



  • It offers a free plan with basic functionality, allowing small groups to get started at no cost.

  • Offers pricing plans for groups of all sizes, and all plans include unlimited spaces and vouchers.

  • Team and Business settings allow customisation and branding of domains.

  • SAML integration adds security authentication.

  • It provides a public API for integration with other tools and systems.


  • The free plan is limited to three members and may not be enough for larger groups or organisations.

  • Some advanced features, such as SAML integration and API access, are only available on the more expensive systems.

  • Customisation options for branding and domains are limited to the Team and Business settings.



  • It offers a free public and private knowledge program suitable for small businesses or private use.

  • It offers a variety of pricing policies, including scaling policies, catering to groups of varying sizes and needs.

  • It comes with a wide range of features such as custom domains, knowledge embedding websites, and importing from different formats.

  • It provides options for protecting documents with passwords and the use of Google Analytics.

  • It also supports automatic translations and AI-powered "ghost translations" for multilingual documents.


  • Free systems are the only public and private knowledge, which can be limiting for large or multiple projects.

  • Some advanced features, such as importing Word or HTML, and accessing the Docsie API, are only available on more expensive systems.

  • Some features, such as on-premise or private cloud hosting and document export customisation, require an Enterprise configuration.

  • Dedicated support is for Enterprise customers only.

It's important to note that these strengths and weaknesses are based on the pricing structure and may not include all of the features and limitations of each platform. You should carefully review each platform's features and limitations before deciding based on your specific needs and priorities.


Choosing the right documentation platform is important for knowledge sharing and efficiency within your organisation. Archbee excels in versatility and version control, Slab offers simplicity and powerful collaboration, while Docsie focuses on user experience and comprehensive documentation capabilities. Consider the size of your team, the specific documentation you need, and your budget when considering each platform's pricing structure. Use their free program to try different products and see which fits your needs best. Making the right decision can ensure easy document management, increased productivity, and improved knowledge sharing within your organisation.

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