5 Key Benefits Of Using A Documentation Platform For Maintaining Software Documentation In Your Business

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Tal Frenkel
on May 04, 2021 · · filed under Best Practices

Are you running a business in 2022? What’s your most precious asset? Information is one of the most useful assets in running a business. Company owners and shareholders rely on data to make prudent business decisions.

The marketing department relies on information to evaluate the potential of product success. Marketers also use the same information to reach out to their intended targets. Most importantly, you need all your business information in one place to make trading and transaction documents.

In that case, you’d want an innovative documentation platform that guarantees information safety and multiple access for employee collaboration. You can leverage a reliable system like Docsie to manage your internal software documentation.

Read on as we explore the 5 key benefits of using a documentation platform for maintaining software documentation in your business.

  1. Enhanced Security

As an online business, your primary concern should be the security of your information and customer data. Security is a big challenge that many organizations have to deal with, especially during the pandemic when cyber insecurity is on the rise. It can even be worse if you rely on manual documentation as it is easily accessible to anyone. Sensitive information may land into the hands of the wrong person, who may end up leaking it to competitors.

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Getting a strong documentation platform for maintaining your software documents guarantees water-tight security. Software documentation platforms have a digital trail, and you can easily track unauthorized access. Whether the access is from within or without, you can retrieve the editor’s information, including the time of access. Thus, you can quickly tell if there is an external attack or just a dishonest employee.

Most importantly, you can regulate persons that can access certain document based on position and clearance. That makes it easy to manage employees in their respective departments.

  1. Improved, Automated Workflow

Every business drafts and compiles various documents on a routine basis. By the end of the month, when it’s time to reconcile the period’s work, every department would need copies of the documents. It can be quite challenging to recreate copies without wasting time and resources.

Moreover, humans get tired of doing repetitive tasks for long periods. Besides running out of time, you’ll likely end up with disorganized files.

A reliable software documentation platform ensures flawless communication lines to both internal and external departments. You can easily classify documents as you generate them. Hence, you enhance speedier and streamlined business processes to save on costs of operation. This can also keep you from losing revenue due to insufficient data.

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  1. Enhanced Backup and Recovery

The last thing that you want for your business is to lose data. It will be like a new startup because you’ll need to build a new customer database. You may also lose your fortunes if vital information like bank details land in the hands of the bad guys.

Not to forget, you’ll not experience a favorable competitive environment if you lose all the data that built your business from scratch. It will hardly ever be the same again, especially if the company is a decade-plus old.

Innovative software documentation platform enhances your backup and recovery process. If you lose all data, say because of an internal technical hitch, you’ll retrieve the same in less than an hour. The platform also helps if your primary backup system gets compromised. You can easily restore data without parting with any ransom.

  1. Easier Retrieval

The average online consumer will expect your brand to solve their issue in about three hours during working days. Otherwise, you’ll get complaints all over the brand’s social media messages. The last thing that you want is losing regular customers and scaring away prospective clients. Moreover, you’d also like to cut down customer care costs as much as possible for better profit margins.

Acquiring an advanced software documentation platform means you can easily retrieve files in seconds. You can leverage retrieval tips like searching by word, phrase, or the customer’s credentials. For larger business files, you can arrange them by index hence easier number reference.

  1. Version Control

Businesses handle various types of documents, including confidential and public. Some documents require a specific department's input only, but still, other workers may need access.

For instance, some finance documents like quarterly and annual reports should only have the accounts department’s input. Even so, employees and shareholders also need to access it to see the company’s growth and whether their commitment is paying off.

Modern software documentation platforms allow you to share files in different versions. For instance, a “read only” version would suffice for sensitive accounting documents. You can also automate the process of sharing such customized documents.

Bottom Line

Automating document management using advanced software is inevitable for your business’ success. Apart from lowering operations costs, it guarantees the business' perpetual existence. You’ll enjoy reliable data backup and retrieval processes. Get in touch with reputable software documentation platforms like Docsie to learn what you’ve been missing in modern business practices.

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