What Is An Interview-As-A-Service And Why Should You Get It?

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Tanya A Mishra
on March 22, 2024 · · filed under Interview-As-A-Service

How do you stand out when almost four out of five recruiters find it cumbersome to procure the right talent and fill vacant positions? The answer is quite simple. All you have to do is rely on technology. To make it clear, you must utilize the power of an interview-as-a-service platform.

As a recruiter, you already know hiring involves various steps, and it's so much more than sifting through a set of resumes. And when you have the right tool to back you up, the entire process becomes hassle-free. This is one of the reasons why there has been a 67% increase in the usage of video interviews.

So, in this article, we bring you everything you must know about Interview as a Service and why you should get it.

What is An-Interview-As-A-Service?

Interview-as-a-service platforms simplify hiring by outsourcing the interview process to experts. This service ensures efficient, unbiased, and standardized assessments, which saves valuable time for recruiters and companies. In fact, 47% of recruiters rely on video interviews to cut their time by half.

By leveraging a robust platform, you also get a thorough evaluation of candidates' skills and cultural fit. This approach is beneficial because it enhances objectivity and reduces the risk of biased decision-making.

Further, interview-as-a-service provides scalability and improves businesses' ability to handle varying interview volumes effectively.

This optimizes the hiring process and promotes better candidate experiences. It also increases the likelihood of securing top talent for your organization.

Why Do You Need Interview-As-A-Service?

Now, let's look at all the reasons why you need AI interviews to help you out.

1. Expertise and Efficiency

Specialized interview services have experienced professionals who excel in conducting interviews. For instance, with InCruiter, you are privy to 3000+ experts across 250+ technologies who can conduct the best interviews on your behalf. Their expertise can streamline the hiring process and ensure a thorough evaluation of candidates.

2. Time Savings

Outsourcing interviews and opting for AI interviews can save the internal team valuable time. By leveraging external services, you can focus on your core operations and strategic objectives while dedicated professionals handle the interview process.

3. Access to Diverse Talent

Some interview services may have a broader network and access to a more diverse pool of candidates. So, when you choose a strong interview-as-a-service platform, it becomes easier to onboard the perfect candidate, as borders don't come into play. This can be especially beneficial if you are seeking to enhance diversity and inclusion in the workforce.

4. Scalability

Interview services provide scalability by swiftly responding to hiring surges, optimizing resources, offering flexible engagement models, accessing specialized expertise, leveraging scalable technology solutions, and ensuring cost efficiency. This enables organizations to adapt quickly to fluctuating hiring demands without compromising on quality or overspending on internal resources.

5. Standardization

External interview services may follow standardized processes and assessment criteria. So, you know you onboard a consistent candidate who has made his way through with fair evaluation. Standardization helps reduce bias and promote objectivity in the hiring process.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, interview-as-a-service is exceptional for modern hiring needs. Outsourcing interview services to skilled professionals simplifies the recruitment process and allows for a fair and thorough evaluation of candidates.

This service not only saves time but also promotes objectivity and curbs any biases in decision-making. The scalability of the platform accommodates varying interview volumes. It even offers flexibility for businesses. Try it today to elevate your hiring process.

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