Top 10 Alternatives to RightAnswers Knowledge Base

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Tanya A Mishra
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Are you losing your sleepover customer frustration? Is your business lagging behind its competitors in providing prompt and satisfactory solutions to the end users? Then you have arrived at the right place! RightAnswers is your perfect software companion that can contain a comprehensive knowledge base and raise customer satisfaction. But is it the only solution? Of course not! This blog also shares a quick look at the top ten alternatives to the software with a special focus on Docsie!

List of Top Ten Alternatives to RightAnswers Knowledge Base

Having a robust and detailed information hub is crucial for your business. A reliable and secured data repository is an asset that can contain multiple content pieces - from product information and troubleshooting steps to frequently asked questions and project details.

Let's take a look at some of the *Alternatives to RightAnswers:

1. Docsie: Your Ideal Software Partner!

Occupying the first position in this curated list of software alternatives, Docsie is an amazing tool that works as a single platform, fulfilling all your documentation needs. From creating to publishing an online knowledge repository - you can work with Docsie's ease-to-use platform and simplify the way you manage your content production and work with your team.Â

Notable features:

A powerful tool in every aspect, Docsie redefines the way you manage your knowledge base. Here are some of the top features:

What Why
Unified platform Manage different kinds of knowledge content in a single location.
Specialised tools Amplify your rate of producing documents and digital content.Â
Automated translation Launch your company in the international market by automatically translating your content.Â
Brand-aligned content Customise your documentation with brand colours, logos and templates.Â
Hassle-free publishing Publish your knowledge hub easily and share your content with others.Â

If you are looking for a replacement for RightAnswers, then Docsie is an affordable choice! Here's a quick look into the different pricing options for Docsie:

  • Startup plan - Provides up to 3 team accounts, suitable for basic documentation needs.Â

  • Startup Plus plan - Provides up to 5 team accounts, appropriate for budding startups.

  • Small Team plan - Provides up to 15 team accounts, best for companies creating multiple documents.Â

  • Business plan - Provides up to 25 team accounts, suitable for phenomenal teams.Â

  • Organisation plan - Hosts knowledge in a public and private cloud environment; the cost depends on the business requirements. Check out our crazy Black Friday deals on these plans

2. Zoho Desk

One of the best alternatives of RightAnswers, Zoho Desk is the perfect choice if you want to help your customers get answers to all their queries on a single platform. You can create, maintain, edit, review and publish articles on Zoho Desk and share them with your team members and end users. Coming from the house of Zoho Corporation, it is a cloud-based solution that enables you to maintain systems, add folders, customise email templates, redefine customer relationship management, etc.

3. Notion

One of the leading content creation tools in the industry, Notion comes with easily customisable knowledge base templates where you can store all your important company and client information. As a replacement for RightAnswers, Notion lets you organise your content under specific heads by assigning labels and keeping them under separate tabs. Whether you need a template for a business plan or an action plan, Notion has a wide range of existing templates that allow you to unite all information in the same location.

4. Zendesk Suite

Do you wish to have a comprehensive guide that can help your customers find prompt answers to their questions? Use the Zendesk Suite as your digital library and share product information with your customers through the internal or external knowledge base. With Zendesk's knowledge hub, you can streamline all your customer interactions and lessen the burden in your customer support team. The analytical dashboard on the platform also lets you make better decisions for your team and the customers.

5. Guru

Imagine a platform where you can have a wiki, an intranet and an enterprise search - all rolled into one! Guru is an excellent platform where you can constantly update your company and product information and create a central, localised repository for all your documentation needs. The platform offers different types of knowledge hubs that you can use to store all your details. As one of the most appropriate alternatives, Guru is a powerful tool that can not only improve your employees' productivity but also enhance customer satisfaction.

6. Bloomfire

Do you want to accelerate your knowledge-sharing process? Choose Bloomfire as your software partner and simplify the way you communicate with your team and customers. If you are looking for a substitute for RightAnswers, Bloomfire is the right choice! The platform can centralise various kinds of documents such as procedures, training materials, policies, etc., and organise information in a single location but under meaningful categories. Intuitive, secured and a platform that supports democratisation of knowledge, Bloomfire can empower your organisation.

7. Freshdesk

Maintaining and keeping information well-documented can unlock new business opportunities and smoothen company operations. Freshdesk lets you create and promote your content using a super tool. A boon for your team of technical writers and support agents, Freshdesk lets you create and publish digestible chunks of content in multiple formats, such as videos, images, graphs, attached files, etc. You can also translate your article's knowledge base and reach a wider section of the audience by using the AI-powered translation feature.

8. Confluence

Customers hate it when they cannot find prompt solutions to their frequently asked questions. But now, you can sort out this issue with the help of Confluence - one of the most preferred alternatives of RightAnswers. Confluence is a leading software suite that helps you to create new articles, provide relevant search results, curate and organise content and keep all your documents updated. The best part about this software is that it gives you customisable templates enabling you to personalise your knowledge space.

9. Livepro

Promoting increased customer satisfaction and reducing time and effort on your part, livepro is a management solution that comes with an AI-powered assisted search feature that helps you find your content easily from the central repository. Livepro saves a lot of company funds as it enhances agent efficiency and ensures guaranteed compliance management. Perhaps the greatest USP of the platform is that it can provide answers to the customers within the minimum time and through multiple integrated channels.

10. Shelf

Keeping your content authentic and regularly updated, Shelf provides an excellent infrastructure that includes the power of GenAI and helps you to share accurate answers every time. From continuously improving your answers to maintaining a secure knowledge base, Shelf fuels your content strategy and enables you to scale your organisation. With Shelf, you can improve your content quality, generate higher ROI and integrate effectively with other services and portals.

Final Thoughts

According to a study by the MRFR Database and Analyst Review, the knowledge management software industry is expected to grow by 12.50% between 2022 and 2030. As your business continues to grow, you need to store more product-related information and create a rich knowledge base. Now that you have this list of the best alternatives to RightAnswers, you can apply your wisdom, select the most appropriate software for your team and start the journey towards unlocking* the secret to retaining your customers and expanding your business.

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