Process Improvement Tools – What are they & top 10 platforms

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Business operations run on procedures. Processes help to organise business information and make execution possible. Since business improvement and business processes are intertwined, the development of one leads to the flourishing of the other. This article delves into the details of process improvement tools such as Docsie and also shares a quick look at them along with the pricing options. So, read along to explore how you can enrich your process of technical docs creation and prepare documentation in a more simplified manner.

How can a Process Improvement Tool Help to Prepare Documentation?

When you need to create a technical documentation sample, a process improvement tool can help you streamline workflows and increase business efficiency. Technical docs lie at the heart of information dissemination within an organisation. Therefore, process improvement platforms and applications track records, improve decision-making and help to create rich and error-free documents.

Features Benefits
Visual representation Simple flowcharts enhance clarity and promote simplicity.
Standardised templates Maintains consistency and retains uniformity across the documents.
Version control Manages different versions during the process of prepare documentation with updates and tracking.
Audit tools Easy edits or additions leading to audit transparency.
Custom integration Seamless integration with popular software increasing the utility of the technical documentation samples.
## List of the Best Process Improvement Tools for Creating Technical Documentation Sample

1) Scribe

One of the most used platforms that has the power to translate any process into a comprehensive guide, Scribe is nothing short of a real game changer for businesses. With Scribe, you can get answers to your queries in the minimum time, increase your team's productivity and save time on technical docs creation. Whether you need to train your customers or onboard new hires, Scribe is the perfect platform to create step-by-step training guides and end-user documentation.


  • Basic plan - Free

  • Pro - Personal at $23 per seat per month and Team at $12/seat per month

  • Enterprise - Custom rates as per requirements

2) Kissflow

From IT leaders to developers and process owners to business users - Kissflow is trusted by the top global brands. If you are looking to accelerate your digital transformation, you can reduce a lot of your enterprise chaos and automate workflows and systems through Kissflow. So, the next time you need to plan to prepare documentation, you can make the most of the user-friendly features of Kissflow and keep all your important information organised and in one place.


  • Basic - $1500 per month

  • Enterprise - Customised as per requirement

3) Reverscore

Creating end-user documentation is a tough task. But with Reverscore, you can come up with new ideas, test them and evaluate their efficiency. The team of problem solvers at Reverscore are experts at generating innovative solutions that can tackle any issue that you may have with the prepare documentation process. From creating routines to assigning tasks and digitising checklists to finding real-time insights, Reverscore can help your company channelise efforts on the right track.


  • Essentials - Free

  • Business and Enterprise - Customisable pricing options

4) SmartDraw

Blending the power of data, whiteboarding and diagramming, SmartDraw is a highly resourceful application that lets you create rich quality documentation in multiple formats. Trusted by more than 85% of Fortune 500 companies, the platform helps you build innovative products with planned roadmaps and technical documentation samples. The smartest choice for your enterprise, the tool assists you in capturing your ideas, integrating your findings with the most used tools and collaborating with your team members to brainstorm.


  • Individual - $9.95 per month

  • Team - $8.25 per month

  • Site - $2,995 per month

5) ClickUp

ClickUp is the ultimate all-in-one platform where you can work with your team and collaborate on multiple projects - from workflows to preparing documentation and real-time dashboards to customisable forms. With ClickUp AI, you can also fastrack your projects, plan your assignments and prioritise your tasks effectively. A great tool for shared work and instant updates, ClickUp comes with powerful automation features so that you can streamline your system and check progress at a glance.


  • Personal - Free forever

  • Unlimited - $7 per month

  • Business - $12 per month

  • Enterprise - Custom-built plans

6) Quixy

Businesses are not only about creating plans and executing them. It is also about making customers happy and satisfied. We all know how challenging it might get to create end-user documentation and that's where Quixy comes into the picture! Serving more than 15 industries with over 26,000 successful publications of no-code apps, Quixy helps you automate faster and bring agility and innovation into your operations.


  • Platform - $20 per user per month

  • Enterprise and Solution - Customisable plans

7) Appian

Unleashing the power of artificial intelligence to improve business processes and operations, Appian is a highly reliable name in the software industry. The one-stop shop for design, automation and process optimisation, Appian enriches data, improves workflows and helps in building rich technical docs. Whether you need to automate systems or develop exceptional experiences for your customers in terms of end-user documentation, is the perfect platform that can help you make a positive impact.


  • Personal - Free

  • Application - Standard for $75, Infrequent for $9 and Input-Only for $2 per user per month

  • Platform and Unlimited - Custom quote

8) KaiNexus

Are you looking to optimise as well as improve your business processes? Join forces with KaiNexus and step up your game. Using its powerful features, you can create multiple content formats, including technical documentation samples, a knowledge repository, etc. Loaded with helpful features like advanced ROI, APIs, workflows, instant reports, etc., the platform helps you achieve your organisational goals through planning and cooperation, prioritisation of resources and widespread engagement.


The company can quote custom plans based on the following:

  • Number of users

  • Use cases

  • Templates

  • Services

  • Add-ons

9) BeSlick

An elegant platform that ensures simplicity, collaboration and smooth operations, BeSlick minimises your errors and amplifies your visibility. The application can help you create checklists, visual reports, forms, videos and documents, along with tracking the progress of your projects and auditing the trail of changes. If you are struggling with end-user documentation, BeSlick is the perfect partner to define your scope, deliver the content and achieve results.


  • Standard - $8 per user per month

  • Pro - $12 per user per month

  • Managed - $19 per user per month

10) Docsie

We all know how tough it might be to create technical docs. Converting jargon-laden information into simple end-user documentation for easier comprehension is not at all easy. However, with Docsie's powerful features for document creation, it is now super easy to organise information, manage tasks, collaborate with team members and track the progress of multiple projects simultaneously.


  • Personal - Free forever

  • Standard - $99

  • Premium - $179

  • Business - $249

  • Organisation - $699

Final Thoughts

Preparing detailed and rich technical docs is no longer a Herculean task. With the top-rated process improvement tools, you can reduce manual interference, track metrics and work on the core competencies of your business. These tools can not only check processes but also improve them to create better opportunities for your business.

So, if you really want to simplify your technical documentation sample creation, choose Docsie as your software partner and make processes easier, enjoyable and effective!

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