Knowledge Management in HRM: What, Why, and Ways to Improve It

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Tanya A Mishra
on February 28, 2024 · · filed under HRMS Knowledge Management

Are the employees in your organization well-versed with the new HR policies and critical information? In today's dynamic business landscape, efficient HR management relies upon seamless access to policies, documents, and information.

Explore how HRM Knowledge Management systems revolutionize operations, fostering better decision-making, cost efficiency, and global accessibility. Discover the benefits of leveraging Docsie's advanced features to optimize onboarding, facilitate continuous learning, enhance security, and ensure global collaboration.

What is HR Knowledge Management?

HRM Knowledge Management refers to the act of making HR policies, documents, and information easily accessible to everyone. It also means giving the freedom to authorized people to edit the documents from anywhere.

With the help of this repository, employees get the right information about changes in the HR policies sitting in or outside the office. This reduces the friction, keeps everyone informed, and improves the HR team's productivity as they don't have to keep answering the same questions again & again.

Benefits of Using Knowledge Management System in HRM

According to extensive research by Deloitte, 75% of organizations worldwide recognize the need for knowledge creation and preservation. Moreover, in the survey, they also found that knowledge management is among the pressing issues affecting a company's success.

Companies can reduce the hurdles to their organizational success and smooth knowledge delivery with the right HRMS Tool. Here are a few benefits that you as an organization, can receive through a knowledge management portal.

Better decision-making

With a knowledge management system, you can easily share relevant information with your team sitting across the globe. This makes it easier for them to go through the changes in policies and understand them in real-time; accelerating information-sharing and decision-making capacities. With Docsie, you can easily share the updated policies and get real-time feedback. Our HRM knowledge management system is suitable for organizations of all sizes and industry types.

Cost efficiency

Incorporating knowledge management in your organization saves time. Your HR team does not need to reply to commonly asked questions anymore. This improves their operational efficiency and cuts the time spent on non-productive activities. Moreover, these systems also help in training and development purposes, cutting down the costs of centralized L&D.

Docsie offers dynamic knowledge portals that you can use to create custom deployments. Moreover, you can improve the readability for your employees through custom settings.

Information accessibility

At a time when you have to look after different responsibilities from payroll to recruitment, addressing the questions of each individual may become overwhelming. It can be difficult when everyone keeps repeating the same question. Knowledge management makes it easier for you and the people in your organization to access information easily. They don't need to approach you to get their answers. They can visit the portal and read the policies, documents, and other information pieces they want.

Policies and information change tracking

Organizations keep on changing their HR, IT, and admin policies. Every time a new policy is framed or the old ones are updated, it must be communicated to employees in real-time. However, this becomes a bit difficult in the absence of knowledge management portals.

With Docsie knowledge portal, you can track changes in the documents as and when they are done without compromising on data security. You can grant access to certain people and see if they have made any changes to information pieces.

Processes standardization

With HRM knowledge management, HRs can use standardized templates and formats. They can use these templates for onboarding checklists, performance evaluations, appraisals, and more. It reduces the chances of errors, provides uniformity, and makes it easier for everyone to follow the processes.

Having a knowledge management system by your side improves HR functions and creates a seamless flow across the organization. With improved transparency, organizations can work smoothly and focus on achieving their business goals. With HRM knowledge management systems like Docsie, you can collaborate better with your team and provide them with the information they deserve.

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How Docsie Offers Maximum Advantage With Knowledge Management Portal

Docsie offers numerous advantages to your HR department with its HRM knowledge management tool. Here are the benefits you will get from Docsie.

Optimized onboarding

The predefined templates for the onboarding checklist make the task easier for HRs and reduce friction when completing the joining formalities of new hires. Moreover, it reduces the learning curve to ensure immediate productivity.

Continuous learning

Learning with respect to organizational policy is important so that every employee is well-versed in the benefits and perks they will receive. However, the policies keep on updating and that's why it is important to keep employees on top of ever-changing organizational knowledge.

Enhanced security

With access control, you can choose who gets the right to edit the documents. You can grant access to selected individuals without jeopardizing data integrity. In simple terms, you can control who can view and edit the documents.

Global appeal

Whether your team is scattered across the globe or working from a particular location, you can share information with everyone in real-time. Moreover, Docsie offers a content localization feature that allows you to change linguistic preferences. Catering to a worldwide team has become easier with Docsie.


HRM Knowledge Management plays a crucial role in organizational efficiency and effectiveness. It's all about making sure everyone has easy access to the info they need when they need it. This allows HR teams to make informed decisions, optimize workflows, and drive productivity. Docsie stands as a reliable solution, offering dynamic features and robust security measures. You can manage internal and external knowledge easily without worrying about technicalities. Define workflows & tasks, publish your knowledge online, and keep everyone informed hassle-free.

With Docsie, HR departments can streamline operations, foster collaboration, and elevate employee experiences with ease.

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